400mm Nano Fiber Strop


Nano fabric strops are the ultimate in razor stropping technology.


Our Nano Fiber cloths are the latest and greatest when it comes to stropping your razor. Nano Fiber cloth adds the least amount of grit to your lapping compound, allowing you to achieve the finest edge physically possible with abrasives.

The Nano Fiber cloth is best suited for use with our diamond sprays as the small pores within the fabric hold the diamond particles in place. Three to four squirts of diamond spray across the length of the stropping surface is all it takes to load the strop which will provide you with weeks of every day use.

 These strops are made of 3mm pine wood with 0.5mm Nano fabric fixed on top. It measures 400mm in total length with 280mm of stropping surface. The stropping surface is 40mm wide at the base and tapers to 35mm at the top near the handle.