30mls 0.25 Micron Diamond Spray


30mls of diamond spray containing 2 carats of 0.25 micron diamond spray. This will be enough to last you for years. Generally, once you have sprayed your strop, the diamonds will last for several weeks of constant every day use.


For the ultimate edge on your blade, try our 0.25 micron diamond spray. Made right here in Brisbane Australia our diamond sprays are 2 carats of diamonds suspended within an alcohol based solution that evaporates within seconds.

Our diamond sprays are best used with our Fabric strops where no further grit is added to the stropping surface. Once applied to the fabrics surface, you receive nothing but the 0.25 micron grit. That’s the equivalent to 100, 000 grit!!

To use our spray, simply shake the bottle well, and apply three to four squirts along the entire length of your strop. Once this is done, allow the surface of the strop to dry (usually takes only seconds) and then strop away.

Usually you can hear a slight whistle whilst you strop your edge. This sound is the thousands of microscopic diamonds doing their thing. Giving you the sharpest edge you’ve ever seen!