Hello and welcome to Expert Knife Sharpening Brisbane. Brisbane's premier mobile sharpening  service.
EKS specialise in hand sharpening edges razor sharp, whilst providing unparalleled customer service to every one of our customers, no matter how small the job.

Our self contained mobile workshops can operate where ever you need us, allowing you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, whilst we sharpen your edges at a great price.

Hand Sharpened

Hand sharpening a knife should be the only way your knives are sharpened. Power tools and other machinery are far to harsh and should only be used on tools that require less precision.

Correctly Honed

Once sharpened we hone your knives using our specialist strops. These combined with lapping compounds ensure all microscopic serrations have been polished out leaving you with the sharpest edge possible.

Right Advice

We believe that advice should be free. We are always happy to chat with you about sharpening or caring for your edges. We are completely against sales pitches or high pressure discussions.

Jeff bought 5 of our Balsa Strops

"I contacted Shane from Expert Knife Sharpening with some questions about stropping with Balsa. EKS provided immediate and professional advice and a product that has proven far superior to my current set-up. I can fully recommend EKS' methodology and product after bringing my straight razors to vastly superior edge performance. I personally have not dealt with a service that is more client focused, trustworthy and passionate in all my industry interface. I could not recommend EKS more highly."

- Jeff

Peter had us sharpen his Shun knife set

"By far the sharpest I have ever seen my knives. I will always contact EKS for all of my sharpening needs from here on in."


Alison bought her partner a new straight razor

"I purchased a new straight razor for my boyfriend and didn't know we needed to have it sharpened before we could use it. Shane from EKS was quick to respond to my emails and was at my door step to hone the razor that afternoon. It's the sharpest thing I've ever seen!"


Kel had us sharpen his pet clippers

"Shane from EKS has sharpened my pet clippers perfectly. Not only did he take care of the blades, but he also cleaned and oil them for free. THATS the kind of service we love here in Brisbane!"


Service Is Only A Call Or Email Away

Contact us any time on:

Mobile: 0406661603

Email: ShaneGoodwin501@gmail.com